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Benefits of Ag Curtains

In this article we will take a look at just two benefits of ag curtains. As all modern farmers know, it is of utmost importance to keep livestock as comfortable as possible. Moving from traditional barns that typically kept air flow to a minimum to today’s modern facilities that specialize in controlling air flow, the agriculture industry has come a long way.

Animals, like humans are certainly affected by their environment. Think back to the last time you were inside a building that was totally cut off from all outside views. Compare that to being out in the open on a beautiful, clear summer day and you may have an idea of how animals feel when they are cooped up inside.

Of course, harsh winter days aren’t pleasant no matter the amount of sunshine available, so why not combine the best of both worlds for your animals? As humans we already do this at times with a strategically placed sunroom in our place of abode!

#1. Natural Lighting

As mentioned above, animals are almost as sensitive to their own comfort as humans are. In fact, it has been proven that a cow will have improved milk production in the summer time in a building without walls.

Letting as many of the sun’s rays as possible into the “living area” has positive effects. Studies indicate the optimal “daylight time” for lactating dairy cows is 16-18 hours of continuous light each day followed by 6-8 hours of darkness.

In addition, even studies from the 1930’s indicated that in the case of dairy cows good lighting can increase milk production. Modern studies show proper lighting can improve milk quality up to 16%! One of the best ways to introduce the sun’s rays into your barn is using clear curtains.

Another benefit of a well-lit barn is one to humans. Where would YOU rather spend your working hours; in the shadowy interior of a barn where you may stumble over your own two feet, or in a bright, inviting environment? Your animals feel likewise!

#2. Ventilation

Summer cooling and winter ventilation also has an effect on the health of your herd. A barn that is naturally ventilated with ag curtains provides the means to cool in the summer and ventilate in the winter.

According to an article on the Farming for a Better Climate website “Inadequate ventilation is a significant risk factor for the dairy herd.” This article also mentions the importance of side ventilation such as is provided by Shady Lane ag curtains. With our double roll up curtains you have ultimate control over air flow into your barn and away from your cattle.

As was well stated in an article on, ventilation, like an old time milking stool stands on three legs.

1. Fast moving air in the resting space
2. Sufficient air changes per hour
3. A system that works all seasons


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