Complete Curtain Systems

All the Components You’ll Need

Shady Lane Curtains offers complete curtain systems with all the components making your curtain systems choice very easy. Included in our systems are:

  • High Quality 16oz. Vinyl Curtain Material
    All of our curtains are made out of high quality vinyl curtain material that is weather resistant & low maintenance.
  • Galvanized Bird Wire
    Bird wire protects your curtains and it is extremely important to have high quality birdwire. Our bird wire is hot-dipped galvanized heavy duty after weld birdwire with PVC coating on top. This provides a very high rust resistant product compared to hot-dipped galvanized.
  • Keder Tubing & Drive Motors
    High quality electric motors coupled with precision extruded aluminum keder tubing provide a mechanical system that is relatively trouble-free for many years. Motors can be driven by simple switches that you operate or you can upgrade your curtain package to PLC automation with manual overrides.
Full Ag Curtain Automation

Full Curtain Automation:

Available with: Manual Gear Drives or Fully Automated to Control Your Curtains 24/7