Durable Ag Curtain Systems

Low Maintenance Ag Curtains Designed for Functionality

Managing the natural ventilation of a building is as important to an operation as proper design. We believe that a comprehensive and integrated ventilation system is crucial to the success of your dairy operation. At Shady Lane Curtains, we design high quality, durable, ag or equine curtain systems for your farm. With our own heatweld machine, we will make ag curtains to fit your needs and supply you with the components you need to build the perfect ventilation system for your barn.

High Quality Ag Curtains for Barns


“We are very happy with our curtains. The automation system and the curtains in general are very
self sufficient. The windows in the curtains are very large and generate lots of light in the barn.
There is no difference in the brightness whether the curtains are opened or closed.”
– Waynesboro, PA

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