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Clear View Curtain Update

Clear View Ag Curtains with Windows for More Light

“We have installed more than 100,000 ft of Clear View Curtains.”

Clear View Curtain Update! Here at Shady Lane Curtains, we have been manufacturing and installing Clear View Curtains for nearly four years. Some of you have been wondering how these curtains are holding up in actual use in dairy barns. We are pleased to share overall good results with Clear View Curtains.

Since 2014, we have installed more than 100,000 linear feet of window curtains. This gives us a fairly large sampling of different conditions and applications. We have installed Clear View Curtains on Free Stall barns, Tie Stall barns, and Calf barns all over the northeast region. These installed window curtains have performed well with very low failure rates and overall customer satisfaction.

On the customer satisfaction front, many farmers told us they like the extra light of the window curtains and that their cows have responded well to the improved lighting as well.

The poly window is clear like a glass window and while it is tough and flexible it should be treated with care similar to glass.

Contact us if you are a current customer and have something to add to our Clear View Curtain Update!

Notice the Window Clarity in this Close Up Photo
Patent #D794218

Our Clear View Curtain failure rate has been less than 1% on the 100,000 feet of the installed curtain. Of course, in the cases of failure from product or manufacturing issues, our Seven Year Warranty replaces the curtain at no cost.

The failures that we did research have given us additional valuable feedback for our products.

Keep It Rolled Up!  Do not drop your curtain without rolling it up. The window will always perform best when appropriately stored on the roll.

Physical Barrier: Cows and heifers seem even more interested in clear curtains than regular curtains! A physical barrier to keep your animals from chewing on the window curtain is doubly important.

Cleaning: Some customers have reported that the window has lost some of its clarity. However, when we returned to an early install and professionally cleaned the curtain, the cleaning restored the window curtain to its original clarity. Just a warning, do not clean curtain windows with a pressure washer, but hand washes with a sponge and soapy water.

Wind Pressure: We experienced extremely high winds in the Northeast in the winter of 2018. Nearly all our curtains held up well in the winds. However, we did discover the most vulnerable curtains were center roll-up curtains with windows on buildings with high wind exposure. In certain situations, we recommend not installing windows in center roll-up curtains.

Our clients seem pleased with the overall performance of the Clear View Curtains. We invite any feedback you may have and extend a special “thank you” to those who have ventured with us into this new development in ag curtains.

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