Shady Lane’s recently introduced Clear View Curtains have rapidly become a best seller at. Our Clear View Curtains have been a popular choice for Tie Stall and Free Stall Barns. We now have a Clear View option for Calf Barns as well! These Clear View Curtains are the perfect solution for your calf barn. The curtains are manufactured of the same high-quality, durable, weather-resistant vinyl as all our other curtains. The top and bottom curtain panels are combined with a clear, see-through window built right into the curtain. The window is a crystal clear PVC panel heat welded into the curtain providing an ultra-strong seal. When your curtains are closed, your young stock will be receiving more light, increasing the growth potential of your dairy herd. All of our curtain systems are designed for functionality and are 100% Maintenance-Free!

The primary purpose of a barn is to protect your cattle from seasonal weather extremes and to provide an environment for maximum productivity. Sometimes dairy barns are designed for the convenience of the workers. However, it is wise to give consideration to how a particular building design will impact the wellbeing of your herd.