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Clear View Curtains

Clear View Curtains (Patent # D794218)

Increased Lighting, Increased Cow Productivity

The Clear View Curtains are the perfect solution to allowing more light into your barn while still protecting your herd from the weather. These curtains feature windows built into them using clear PVC. The crystal clear window is heat welded into the curtain providing an ultra-strong seal.

Lighting is a crucial part of designing your dairy barn and studies have shown that proper lighting in a barn can improve milk quality by up to 16%.

The Clear View Curtains are manufactured of the same high-quality durable weather resistant vinyl as all of our other curtains with an additional clear PVC added. So whether your curtains are open or closed, your dairy herd will be receiving the most light possible increasing the productivity of your herd.

Our Clear View Curtains are made out of high-quality 16oz. vinyl curtain material that is weather-resistant and low maintenance. This curtain system comes with a choice of manual operation or a fully automated system.