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Equine Curtains

Equine Curtains

Improve lighting and ventilation in your equine buildings with the same curtains that are used on ag buildings. Horses also benefit from increased lighting and ventilation. Shady Lane offers different styles of curtains, Clear View Curtains, Double Roll Up Curtains, Drop and Roll Curtains, and Center Roll Up Curtains, that will improve ventilation in your equine building.

Riding arenas are often in need of a proper air distribution system. Natural ventilation can play a key role in reducing humidity and keeping your horses and also people more comfortable and healthy. Adding curtains to your riding arena will allow you to control your airflow creating a more comfortable riding environment for all involved.

All of Shady Lane’s curtains are made out of the same high-quality 16oz vinyl curtain material that all of our other curtains are made out of. Our vinyl material is weather-resistant and low maintenance. We have all of the components for your curtain system including keder tubing, bird wire, and straps. You also have the choice of manual operation of the curtains or a fully automated easy-to-use system. Read more about our fully automated curtains systems.

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