System Components

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  1. High Quality 16oz. Vinyl Curtain Material
    All of our curtains are made out of high quality vinyl curtain material that is weather resistant & low maintenance. To ensure a 100% top quality product, we have the machinery and expertise to heat weld all of our curtains right at our warehouse in Bird-in-Hand, PA.
  2. Clear PVC Window in Clear View Curtains
    Our Clear View Curtains features  windows built into them using clear PVC. The crystal clear window is heat welded into the curtain providing an ultra-strong seal.
  3. Aluminum Keder Tubing
  4. Galvanized Bird Wire
    Birdwire protects your curtains from animals and equipment on the inside of the barn. We are now offering hot-dipped galvanized heavy duty after weld birdwire with PVC coating on top. This provides a very high rust resistant product compared to a hot-dipped galvanized after weld birdwire. Birdwire protects your curtains therefore it is extremely important to have birdwire that will not rust!
  5. Wind Strap Systems (Standard)
    A proper wind strap system will hold your curtains in place and protect them when it is windy.
  6. Wind Pipes (Optional)
    Wind pipes a more durable and stable option compared to the wind strap system.
  7. Drive Motors
  8. Full Curtain Automation Systems
    Read more about our Full Curtain Automation Systems here.