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About Us

The Nation’s Industry Leader in Agricultural Curtains

Managing the natural ventilation of a building is as important to an operation as the proper design. At Shady Lane Curtain’s we understand that importance and that it is essential to the health of your herd. We believe that a comprehensive and integrated ventilation system is crucial to the success of your dairy operation. At Shady Lane Curtains, we design high quality, weather resistant curtains with galvanized, rust free hardware that is guaranteed to last for a long time. We also offer kits that allow you to install it yourself or we also offer worry-free full service install.

We Heat Weld All of Our Own Curtains

We are concerned about the quality of our curtains and committed to providing you with the best product possible. To ensure 100% top quality product, we have the machinery and expertise to heat weld all of our curtains right at our warehouse in Bird-in-Hand, PA. With our machine, we can fully customize your curtains to fit your needs!